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Petition to Eliminate Prayer in the House of Commons



Humanist Canada has endorsed the Petition to End Prayer in the House of Commons launched by the British Columbia Humanist Association (BCHA). 

We want to acknowledge our colleagues' excellent work on the separation between church and state in Canada. We invite Humanist Canada members, affiliates and partners, and like-minded humanist and secular organizations across the country to participate in this petition campaign. 

About the Petition to End Prayer in the House of Commons

The Speaker begins every day's sitting of the House of Commons by reading a prayer to "Almighty God." This overtly religious and Christian tradition undermines the state's duty of neutrality by endorsing belief over nonbelief. It's time for a change.

The House Procedures Committee could soon debate changing the Standing Orders to end the practice.

Email the committee and ask them to stop the prayers. It's time our Parliament is truly inclusive of the diversity of beliefs and non-belief in Canada.

The button below will take you directly to the petition webpage on the BCHA website that will email the committee.  It could not be easier.  

It's time for a change.

The more people who sign this petition, the great voice we have in Parliament. Please consider spreading this petition to your personal contacts as well.  

Thank you for your support of this petition.